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James C Allen 

This page is dedicated to  James C Allen . James was one of a kind. His heart was as big as the day is long. His music started when he was a very young man. Jesus Bare The Cross was written when he was only 16. Since he has written and sang many songs in many venues.  from Nashville to a Mountain top camp at a Gold Mine , from city parks to The back of a pick up truck.
His voice was one that drew  people  to hear more. He always left the people wanting more. One of his favorite things would be to end the show with these words. "You Know when all the money and cars and big houses are gone, all we will have left is each other. Treat your neighbors with love. " His door was always open to anyone who wished to come. 
James developed cancer later on in life . It was a long hard battle to fight. He fought hard and strong and He never gave up. He said life was to Live and he lived each day the best he could. He lost the battle Feb. 18 2017.  
His music will forever live on in our hearts and he will never be forgotten.
     Jesus Bare the Cross


December Winds is a beautiful song James wrote. I'm sure there are many who fill this way at a point in their life.              

                   December Winds


Alabama Whiskey was James'  favorite song . It comes with a story for country music lovers everywhere . James was talking to my daughter Melissa one day about music. She ,being young still, said she didn't prefer country music. When he asked why she said " It's always about someone losing their dog or their car or their wife. It's depressing!" He told her OK so How about you write me a song that's country and not depressing. She said alright but it will cost you!! He agreed and asked How much?  She told him with a Grin  $5.00 and a pack of Newports!

He told her Great  now let's see if you can do this.  Not more than 10 minutes later she came back with Alabama Whiskey.  Recorded live in our back room with a washtub Bass and Kevin playing Lead Guitar Here you go ... Enjoy!!

                           Alabama Whiskey 


               The Man in Black 

This is a song  Don  Fortner  sent to James to record. We had a great time recording this . Kevin was Lead Guitar . 


      Who's next to Break my Heart

Sometimes I would write down a song and hand it to James and he could read it once and put it to music and sing it. This is one of those songs.

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Don't Give Up . A song that with all the problems the world is seeing now will maybe give some hope to Never Give Up  

Track 4
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The Pick  

 This is a song James recorded for my mom. She loved to write things down as she said. One day she asked me if I wanted some of her writings for James to sing. Of course I said yes. I was amazed at several  (I would call stories )she gave me.  James Just plain snatched the one about the man and his guitar talking about his pick. I put the words of her story to lyrics and James recorded it for her.  He loved singing this song. 

The Pick
James C. Allen
New Shoes is a song James, Kevin and I wrote one of the many nights we were playing around. One of us would say something then James would start singing it!! It ended up in a song and the three of us Laughing . James even did some high steppin' with Kevin lol

                        A Lifetime

 Is a beautiful song with so much feeling. 


               Games People Play

A song James sang about the way he saw the things around him . 


                  One More Chance 

This is a song I handed james one night and he sat dowm with his guitar and a small computer mike and recorded it in just a few minutes. He did an awesome job on this. 

One More Chance
James C. Allen

                              Log Truck

This is a true story James turned into a song. One of his first songs to write. When he was working, hauling timber, back when he was still a kid He decided to go to the drive-inn one night. He had a load of friends with him.  But ......Well I'll let you listen to the song to find out the results of his Drive Inn Movie trip!!